Frequently Asked Questions

This is where Cal Cannabis Scales.com is the best choice when choosing a scale for the cannabis industry. Prior to any  payment we want to ensure you are buying the correct device or devices. Providing us a chance to discuss application specifics, guarantees full compliance* and simplifies the buying process. 

This would be based on a number of factors such as application, environemnt, usage, and quality of the scale. Working with an RSA, who understands the industry, can determine a proper rotune maintenance schedule tour maintain your devices. 

A weighmaster is an individual within your orginization that oversees all commercial weighing activity. Typically production manager, QC manager or COO will assume this responsibility. Under the weighmaster are deputies, which are the individuals/employees using scales during manufacturing and processing for retail sales. Please find link below for State of California Weighmaster Program.
National Type Evaluation Program is an government program to test and approve devices used for commercial purposes. Gas pumps, deli scales, water meters are all examples of commercially used measuring devices.

In California, an Registered Service Agent is the only authorized persons who can repair or calibrate a commercial device.Calibration by definition is an adjustment of a scale with a known standard or weight value. Registered agents posess the license, skills and standards needed to comply with laws and industry requirements.  RSA agents are required to contact the local weights and measures office to register devices once in use or adjusted. 

Scales are a way of measuring the cost of a product. In the cannabis industry, it is used for tack and trace, and to accurately weigh products sold to the consumer. Without scales there is now way to provide data to Metrc or know your value of production.
Complaint scales are "certified" by NTEP to operate within the guidlines found in Handbook 44 and those outlined by NIST. Please follow links to each website for more information.